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A Dictionary of Gambling Terms

As the casino games have undergone change and innovation, so too have the number of gambling terms in use increased. Here is a list of some of the most common terminology you'll come across as you play.

Aggregate Winning - refers to the amount of money a player has won for an entire session.

All or Nothing - this gambling term is used often in Keno. The stipulation is that you win when all or none of the numbers you chose are picked.

Arm - a great Craps player. When he/she is able to win more often than the odds usually would allow, that individual is referred to as "an arm".

Bag - one thousand. Five bag is five thousand. This is a gambling term used often in European casinos.

Black Book - a ledger where the names of those banned from entering a casino is kept.

Blinds - the forced bets in Texas Holdem. Both Limit and No Limit use this option instead of the usual "bring in" in Stud games.

Boxman - the person tasked with maintaining order in a Craps game.

Casino Rate - a gambling term for discount hotel rooms provided by the house to loyal players.

Croupier - the dealer at Roulette.

Firing - in Poker, the term is used when a player makes a large bet or re raises.

Floorman - this is synonymous with the casino manager.

Flat Top - a slot machine that has a fixed grand prize. It is the opposite of the progressive machine, where the jackpot accumulates as long as it is not hit.

High Roller -moniker for those who bet thousands or even millions in a game.

Jacks or Better - used by Poker players who win with Jacks.

Martingale System - a popular betting strategy wherein a player doubles up the wager following a loss so as to make up for it with a win.

Nut - this gambling term has two meanings. First it can refer to the amount one wants to get before calling it a night. The second, and more popular usage, connotes a Poker player who has the best hand in the game.

Outside Bet - betting on the 12 numbers in Roulette which are not in the layout where the inside bets are placed.

Quarter - a chip worth $25 USD.

Shuffling - jumbling up the gambling cards to ensure that they are dealt randomly to all players.

Upcard - the exposed card of a player or dealer.