Experience Fun and Exciting Games at Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California

A regular host for one of the prestigious poker tournaments under the World Poker Tour, Bicycle Casino is a first-rate gaming facility situated in Bell Gardens, California. Throughout the past few years, this premier casino holds the annual Legends of Poker tournament, where some of the most respectable and highly established poker players convene for the right to become the best of the best in the game of poker.

With the continuously rising popularity of poker, Bicycle Casino is proud to hold some of the most outstanding poker tournaments in the world today. Besides hosting the Legends of Poker, the place also holds regular games and competitions for beginners and intermediate players alike. In here, players can find all the top game variations of poker, including Omaha, Mexican poker, and seven-card stud. At the same time, they can also enjoy other exciting poker variations like Texas Holdem, lowball, and Crazy Pineapple.

Aside form poker, Bicycle Casino is a certified first-class provider of other exciting and popular table games. No bust blackjack, card craps, and California blackjack are just some of the many games that this premier gaming establishment regularly offers. Furthermore, players can also enjoy other super exciting games such as super pan 9, pan, pai gow tiles, pai gow poker, and Chinese poker. For unmatched fun and excitement, never fail to drop by at Bicycle Casino for the ultimate gaming experience.

Additionally, Bicycle Casino features exciting, luxurious, and super elegant jackpot prizes. For example, poker players can win as much as $1,000 and $3,000 for bad beats under the Softway Jackpots rewards. This jackpot prize applies to various poker game variations including Crazy Pineapple Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi-Lo, and No-Limit Texas Holdem games. In the meantime, players do have wonderful chances to earn some serious cash through the $40K Largest Starting Jackpots. Through this wonderful and exciting promo, players can earn somewhere in between $25,000 to $45,000 for getting starting jackpots in the various limit and no-limit Texas Holdem events.

Meanwhile, Bicycle Casino also offers super grand Omaha jackpots, where the players can win as much as $25,000 just by playing the $3 to $6 Omaha Hi-Lo and $50,000 at the $6 to $12 Omaha Hi-Lo games. For Texas Holdem aficionados, they can try their luck with the grandiose Hold'Em Jackpots. Under the $3 to $6 and $4 to $8 limit Texas Holdem events, as well as the $40 buy-in no-limit Texas Holdem games, players can earn as much as $50,000. On the other hand, they can win a glittering $100,000 just by playing any of the $6 to $12 and other higher limit Texas Holdem games. This jackpot also applies to games under the $80 buy-in no-limit Texas Holdem competitions.